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Phone On Hold Messages for Veterinarian Offices and Clinics

Pet owners, today, care deeply about the health and well-being of their furry friends. Implementing an effective Message On Hold (MOH) campaign is a great way to inform and educate them about wellness tips and advancements.

On-Hold Messages Script for Veterinarian Offices

(Sample 1)

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1) Thank you for calling ____________________ Veterinary Clinic – dedicated to providing the highest level of medical excellence and care to your pet. We’re located at ________________________________ in _________________. Office hours are Monday through Friday, ____ a-m to _____ p-m and Saturdays from 7:30 a-m to 4:00 p-m. Your call is important to us and we look forward to assisting you. Please hold; assistance is just a moment away.

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2) _______________________ Veterinary Clinic has been practicing in the _________ area for over ______ years. Our five well-established doctors have over ______ years of combined experience. Today, our state of the art facility is totally digital making it easy to transfer medical records, including digital radiographs, to any place in the world. Be sure to ask us about “pet portals” – private websites that give you secure online access to your pet's health information and how easy it is to receive valuable information about your pet when we join you on the line.

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3) Remember... ______________ Veterinary Clinic offers obedience training classes for puppies from three to six months old. To provide each puppy the attention needed, all classes are limited to five puppies. Each class in this five week training program is one hour long. Ask for more information when we return to the line. Thank you for holding.

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4) As pets age, it’s important to reevaluate and revise their medical examination needs. That’s why, at _______________ Veterinary Clinic, annual blood and urine testing, along with survey radiographs, are a vital part of a comprehensive senior physical exam. This allows us to detect age-related changes in your pet and start therapy early to avoid any potential disease progression. We appreciate your patience during this brief delay and will join you on the line in just a moment.

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5) From our in-house diagnostic laboratory, laser surgery and use of “pet portals” – which allows you to schedule appointments, re-fill medications and more with the click of a mouse – to boarding, grooming, prescription diet products and puppy training classes, __________________ Veterinary Clinic is a full service small animal hospital.

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6) At _________________ Veterinary Clinic, nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of your beloved pet. That’s why we perform blood testing on all pets before administering anesthesia. Pet’s receiving anesthesia receive an intravenous catheter to keep them hydrated during the process and are closely monitored using state of the art equipment. We’ll be glad to tell you more when we join you on the line.

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