Voice Actor Demos

Voice Actor Demos

Listen to our voice actor demos in a variety of tones and styles to find just the right match for your project. Once you’ve made your selection, visit our Background Music Library.  Call us at 813-728-7285, or send us an email.

Spanish voicing is also available upon request. 


As a gifted jazz singer, Buffy’s naturally upbeat personality tends to come through whenever directives are not specified.  As you can hear from her demos, however, Buffy’s range as a voice actor is impressive.

Buffy’s Demos



Friendly, familiar and kind, Dan’s voice exudes a trustworthiness many businesses seek to convey.  As a national radio professional, Dan can bring warmth to any project that requires a seasoned voice actor.

Dan’s Demos



On-time and on-target, Denise is an accomplished professional whose work ethic and experience in the art of commercial & radio voice acting is 2nd to none. Denise has been with us since 2003 and always delivers.

Denise’s Demos



Earnest and down to earth, Don is a dependable choice for delivering voicing in a clear and timely manner.  Don has been a voice actor for 35 years (but slips away from the mic around dinner time to fire up the grill).

Don’s Demos



Having shared both stage & screen (big and small) with some very well-known Hollywood personalities, Irene’s natural flair for commercial voice acting makes her a welcomed member of our roster.

Irene’s Demos



Smooth, Authoritative or Deep and rugged, Russ’ voice is well suited for industries looking for an attention-commanding voice actor. With a lifelong career in the media, Russ’ experience in commercial voice-overs is first rate.

Russ’ Demos



Versatile and easy to direct, Vivienne’s on-camera & stage experience helped her to make an easy transition as a voice actor back in 1996. We are very glad that she has graced our roster since 2004.

Vivienne’s Demos